Four mistakes men make when they create a photo gallery

If you have had some trouble finding a romantic partner on a dating site, don’t jump to the conclusion that online dating doesn’t work. Maybe you have made some mistakes that have scared compatible partners off. If you are getting less attention from online daters than you deserve, continue reading this post. Here we will talk about four mistakes that men make when they upload photos on a dating site.

1. Women don’t see your face in your profile picture.

No matter what dating site or app you use, there is one unbreakable rule: people should see your face clearly on your profile picture. Even if you have six-pack abs, show them on the next photo you upload. Looking at your profile picture, women should be able to make out your face to know what you look like. If they can’t do it, they’ll skip your page and continue looking for men who are not afraid to show their faces, regardless if they’re not the most handsome.

2. You upload too many pictures with other girls.

Some men think that if they upload a lot of pictures with other women on their dating site gallery, it will help them create the image of a desirable alpha male who gets all the girls. Actually, such pictures make women think that you are a guy who is a player that can’t be trusted. If you are serious about finding a lifetime partner on a dating site, don’t add overload your gallery with photos of babes, even if they are your sisters or best friends.

3. You don’t include full body shots.

If a woman can’t find any full body picture in your gallery, she comes to the conclusion that you have some issues in that area, particularly excess weight. Note that honesty is always the best policy on a dating site. So add at least one full body shot to show women that you have nothing to hide.

4. Your pictures are too boring

Nobody wants to look at ten portrait pictures of you if you are not Brad Pitt. Treat your gallery as another tool that helps you tell your story and show your personality. Add photos of you doing something interesting. If you like snowboarding, add a picture from your last winter vacation in the mountains. And if you have your own rock band, upload a photo of you singing on stage.

So, how to avoid mistakes when you create a photo gallery? Be brave, sharp, honest, and creative – and the girls will find out that you are just the guy they’ve been looking for!

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