How to describe yourself on a dating site

Many men find themselves completely lost when it comes to filling in the Describe Yourself field on a dating site. And most of them usually decide to skip this step instead of using this as a fantastic opportunity to distinguish themselves when looking for a romantic partner on this dating site and gaining more attention from women. Here are a few tips in creating a catchy description about yourself that will help you attract the best women out there for you.

Describe yourself, not some man you want to be

Honesty is incredibly important on a dating site. When women read your profile information, especially a profile of your personality, they don’t want to see yet another portrait of The Perfect Man Who Doesn’t Exist. They want to get a real sense of who you are. So, if you genuinely want to start a relationship online, don’t try to blow yourself up to be better than you are. Be brave in showing others the real you, including your strong points and spheres in your life that you’re working to improve.

Avoid clichés

Here is a secret that may change your life… Are you ready? If you like to listen to music, read books, and watch TV shows, you don’t have to mention it in the Describe Yourself field. Try to remember something that makes you different from the rest, like original hobbies or exciting and intriguing facts about your personality.

Be romantic

Don’t forget that your primary goal on a dating site is not to attract women, not to get a job or find new friends. And this field is a perfect place to show women that you are into romance. Describe some mysterious dreams (swimming under the moonlight in Tampa Bay) or incredible moments (taking a stroll underneath the chilly spring rain in Paris ) that you’d like to share with your future partner – and then wait for dozens of first messages from women who have picked up your vibe!

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