How to manage your online dating expectations

Singles who join their first dating site usually have no idea of what to expect from online dating. The lack of information leads to high expectations that may instead ruin their chances to achieve their romantic goals. How to eliminate this gap between expectations and reality? Here are some tips that may help you set realistic expectations and truly make your dating journey a success.

Prepare to run a marathon

Creating the first account on a dating site, everyone hopes to meet someone special on the same day. But the truth is that online dating is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Yes, it allows you to chat with five, ten or even twenty girls in one night, but nobody can guarantee you that one of them will turn out to be “The One” for you. You will probably have to talk to hundreds of girls and meet a few dozen before you meet the special someone who will be a permanent part of your life.

Don't treat matches too seriously

Some men and women make a too big a deal out of matches they get online. When a site informs us that it has found a compatible partner, we start believing that we already have what we’ve been looking for. But “she is your match” doesn’t mean “you were made for each other” or “you will be together forever.” It just means that you two have something in common.

Don’t expect much from strangers

After reading a girl’s profile, you might think that you already know her well enough to be a romantic pair. But it’s an illusion. Even if you have been chatting with each other for several days, she is still a stranger to you. So don’t expect much from someone whom you’ve never met in person in order to avoid disappointments.

Enjoy the ride

If you don’t allow unrealistic expectations spoil everything, you will have a fantastic time on a dating site. So relax and try to have fun. Some women will respond, and many won’t. That’s the reality of online dating and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some dates will be good, and others will be awful. That's also OK. Just stay calm, keep your options open, and if you are persistent and resilient, the dating gods will eventually reward you for your positive attitude.

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