How to stay calm on the first date?

The first date with the woman you’d like to deepen relations with can be a stressful situation, even if you’ve known each other for years. And it is even more stressful if you and your mate met online and have to meet in person for the first time. Your mouth is totally dry, your heart beats fast, you can’t sit still … sounds familiar, huh? Here are three tips that may help you calm your nerves on the first date.

Choose a comfortable place or activity

Planning your first date, suggest a place that you like and where you feel comfortable. It can be your favorite café, cinema, shopping mall or urban park. But I also recommend you to pick an activity that you and your lady may enjoy together, such as miniature golf or choosing autumn clothing. It will be easier for you to communicate if you both will have something to do apart from eating and talking to each other.

Keep yourself occupied before the date

Most people get nervous on the first date because they think about it too much before it starts. As our brain tends to create different scenarios (often the worst-case ones) that occupy our mind and deflate our confidence, you have to make an effort to take your mind off this and build your confidence. Visit a friend, finish some chores, schedule business meetings this day – do something to keep yourself busy, interact with people and reaffirm yourself as an accomplished person.

Imagine that you are meeting with your friend

Treating the first date like a meeting with your close friend can relieve the pressure and lower the level of anxiety. A date is not a test or a job interview. It’s just several hours you spend with a person you like. So, take a deep breath, stay cool and be yourself. In this case, even if there’s no chemistry between you and your lady, you will have yourself a new good friend.

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