Why are Russian and Ukrainian women looking for love online?

If you’ve ever visited Eastern European countries, you probably were impressed with the beauty of the women who live there. Many of the ladies who stroll past you on the streets could easily participate in any world beauty contest and win. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also feminine, well-dressed and well-groomed. Also, many of them are cultured, well-educated and career-oriented.

So then why are international dating sites filled with the profiles of Eastern European women? Why can’t most of these incredibly attractive, classy ladies find their life partner in their native countries and instead choose to look for love on the web?

Here are five main reasons that motivate Russian and Ukrainian women to seek partners on dating sites.

1. Gender gap

There are more women than men in most Slavic countries, according to census figures. That means that the average woman has to struggle to find a life partner in her native country.

Besides, most decent guys are already in a relationship with more fortunate women. So beauty, style, and education don’t guarantee that they will find a man who will marry them.

2. Not enough good local men

To some extent, it’s a consequence of the previous point. Due to the existing gender gap, Eastern European men don’t have to make much effort to land a girlfriend. That’s why many of them choose not to grow up and develop as individuals. Some of them have sexist attitudes, others can’t provide for a family, others are aggressive and abusive…. The list can go on and on.

It’s not surprising that women who have to continually improve themselves to get the slightest chance of landing a boyfriend don’t want to date men who are not able to keep up with their needs. Russian and Ukrainian women who create accounts on international dating sites simply don’t see a happy future in local men.

3. Women want more options

Online dating provides excellent opportunities for women who want to start a relationship. In a single evening, they can interact with more men on the web than for the past several months in their daily lives. The mere statistical probability that they will meet their soulmate increases significantly when they create an online dating profile.

Also, searching for love on dating sites, women get more options to choose from without any slut-shaming or accusations of hypergamy.

4. Foreign men often make better partners

Many Eastern European women believe that foreigners would make better partners, according to numerous surveys. That’s why they prefer them to local men.

Interviewed women note that foreign men are good-looking, polite and well-mannered. They treat women with respect and become reliable husbands who provide for their families. They are ready to participate in the upbringing of their children. And in general, they engage in cultural activity, hobbies, sports and an overall healthy lifestyle, as compared to Slavic men.

5. Searching for a better life

It’s not a secret that the political and economic situation in the post-USSR countries is rather depressing. So more and more women who want to feel safe, have prospects for their career and provide opportunities for their children are thinking of immigration.

Of course, there is no sense for a woman who is going to immigrate to look for love in her native city. So in creating an online dating account, an Eastern European woman is often looking for a lifelong relationship of romance and family. Or at minimum, she’d simply like to meet interesting people to learn more about the country she’d like to live in.

These are the five main reasons why attractive, educated and successful women from Russia and Ukraine look for love online. If you have always wanted to date Eastern European women, don’t waste time in joining an international dating site and starting interactions with them.

There’s a perfect soulmate out there waiting to hear from you today!

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