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AsiaCharm: Meet Your Girlfriend Online

If you ask me to describe my perfect woman, I will say that she should be attractive and feminine. She should know how to dress and how to create an unforgettable impression. She should love children and be true to her man. Most Asian women fit that description. That’s why many men are crazy about them.

In turn, many Asian women are intrigued by Western men. The eruption of digital technologies has made online dating sites popular among these Asian angels. So if you are an American who wants to date a girl from another continent, meeting her begins with something as simple as creating an account on one of these sites.

In this review, I will describe one of the most popular and fastest growing platforms where you can meet an Asian woman who wants to start a meaningful, long-term relationship with an American. This platform is called AsiaCharm. It’s a premium dating site where you can find thousands of attractive and intelligent women, mostly from China and Vietnam.

Unlike most local dating sites where a reply to your message can take days if not weeks, here members are very active. They are interested in starting a real relationship, not childish flirting. So here you will be pleasantly surprised to find quick replies to your chat attempts and even find dozens of first messages from women in your Inbox.

How does the atmosphere here differ from other dating sites? The AsiaCharm team knows how to attract and filter out those who are ready for something serious and how to keep them interested in their website as a place for love. Whether it is its easy-to-use design or its smart pricing policy, this site is a perfect place for singles looking for love that lasts. Let’s explore it.

How to Create an Account?

As with any other dating site, your love journey here starts with the creation of your member account. On the main page, you see a sign-up form. To become a member of AsiaCharm, enter the required information into this form. This information includes your first name, gender, date of birth, valid e-mail address and preferred password.

Keep in mind that this site is available only to heterosexual singles. When you enter your gender, you can choose only between Man Seeking Woman or Woman Seeking Man. If you are a man, you won’t see the profiles of other men and won’t be able to communicate with them.

I recommend not hiding behind a fictitious name. Not only does the site guarantees your privacy and confidentiality, but it will be easier for you to gain the status of a validated member in future if you enter your real first name in this sign-up form.

Entering your date of birth, remember that you should be of age to look for love on AsiaCharm.

Once you’ve entered the required information into the sign-up form, click on the Register button. Then check your Inbox to find an e-mail from the site team. Follow the link in it to finish the process of account creation.

Once you’ve done it, your basic profile will appear on the site. Other members will be able to see it and send you messages and e-mail. But you won’t be able to benefit from the powerful matching algorithms of AsiaCharm until you complete your profile. So if you want the site to produce compatible matches for you, please provide straight answers to the site’s short welcome questionnaire.

This questionnaire consists of two parts: About Your Date and About Yourself.

Answering questions from the first part, you can specify what sort of women you like and what kind of a relationship you are looking for on the site.

The second part of this questionnaire allows you to share some information about yourself, like your occupation, education, marital status, etc. This information will be used by the site’s algorithms to find the best matching partners among AsiaCharm’s members.

You can skip any question you don’t want to answer or choose No Preference if you consider some dating criteria unimportant.

Once you’ve answered all the questions, the site matching algorithms start working for you. If you are a man, who wants to build a relationship with a woman under 30, you will see only those ladies in your matches who are interested in a relationship with a guy like you.

If you don’t like these types of questionnaires, you can skip them altogether. But doing so makes you unavailable to receive the site’s matches produced for you.

The good news for those choosing to skip the questionnaires is that you can change any of your answers at any moment by clicking on the Edit button in your profile.

While completing the welcome questionnaires, you also can write your story in the Describe Yourself field and upload your best profile picture. In my view, it makes little sense to join the site without at least seeing the potential matches that can be produced from investing a mere 15 minutes in completing the questions.

Use Search Engines to Find Women of Your Taste

Some of our members rely entirely on the matching algorithms of AsiaCharm and don’t use its search options available. All they do is view their matches and contact women they see there.

But those who like to take the initiative and enjoy the thrill of the pursuit can find their potential partners by using’s three search options. They include a simple search, an extended search, and a fun Faces game.

Choosing its simple search, you can view the profiles of all its female members based on age alone.

An extended search allows you to apply additional filters, including the drinking and smoking habits or marital history of your potential date. Here is a full list of filters you can apply:

  • Country of Residence
  • City of Residence
  • Marital History
  • Children
  • Religion
  • Level of Education
  • Drinking Habits
  • Smoking Habits
  • Is Online
  • Is Validated

The third tool is the Faces game for those guys who are strictly interested in looks. Clicking on the Faces tab, you see the pictures of random women that you can Like or Skip. And if one of these women impresses you with her beauty, you can send her the first message immediately by clicking on the Chat button below her photo.

And if you Like a picture, its owner will see your name in their statistics.

I think every member of AsiaCharm should play this game at least once, as it is an exciting experience.

Upgrade Your Account to Get Access to Advanced Features

After spending several hours on the site, testing search tools and getting dozens of first messages from AsiaCharm members, you will need to decide on whether it’s worth investing in communicating with the women here.

All communication features on this site are paid. So you will need to top up your account to be able to exchange long letters and instant messages with Asian beauties. There is no fixed subscription fee and you pay only for the services you order.

For those who are uncertain, AsiaCharm offers 20 free credits (the site’s currency) to test its advanced features. It’s not a lot. This amount of money allows you to spend 10 minutes chatting with other members or send mail of up to 3,000 characters to two different women.

But by spending these credits on the site, you get a feel for its awesome services.

I think it’s better to exchange instant messages with other members than sending mail on this site, as each following letter you send to the same woman starting from the second one will cost you 30 credits. With that money, you can buy fifteen minutes in the live chat.

Once you’ve spent your test credits, which will happen rather quickly, you will have to buy one of the AsiaCharm credit packages to continue interacting with female members.

Purchasing your first credit package, you also gain the status of a Premium member for an unlimited time. Among the many benefits, Premium members can take advantage of the improved live chat support and view their statistics. So they can find out who has visited their personal page, Liked them, or added their page to their Favorites.

To purchase credits on AsiaCharm, click on the Get Credits button on the righthand side of your screen. After that, you will be redirected to a payment page where you will find a form to enter your credit card details.

Now the site offers these five credit packages:

Package #1 20 credits for $9.99
Package #2 50 credits for $28.99
Package #3 125 credits for $64.99
Package #4 250 credits for $99.99
Package #5 750 credits for $214.99

Choose those consistent with your goals on the site. If you want to continue testing the advanced features of AsiaCharm, choose one of the first three packages. And if you’ve decided to invest the lengthy time and funds in finding a close, trusting relationship here, you will need Package #4 or Package #5.

Once your credits have run out, all your chats will be disrupted until you purchase the next package. If you don’t want to deal with chat interruptions, you can set up the automatic purchase of credits by sending a message to a support team.

By the way, as AsiaCharm is customer-oriented service, you can get the necessary help from its support specialists at any time of the day and night.

Also, loyal members regularly get gifts, special offers, and discounts. If you don’t want to miss them, read e-mail notifications sent by the site team.

This platform is truly user-friendly. Once you’ve met a woman you want to get to know better, you need only visit her profile page to find all the ways of interacting with her available to you on AsiaCharm.

Right under the profile picture is a photo gallery. Some women here have two galleries – public and private. You can view private photos of the woman you've chosen only after she replies to your message. To the right of her profile picture, you can see chat and mail forms.

A chat form allows you to send her an instant message of up to 300 characters, whereas a mail form enables you to write her a big love letter.

The cost of using live chat is 2 credits per minute.

Under the chat and mail forms you can find several buttons. The three most interesting for you are Flowers and Presents, Request Contact Details, and Set Up a Date.

These tools are useless at the beginning of a relationship, but they are priceless once you’ve met someone special on the site. Using them, you can surprise your lady and make your virtual relationship with her more real.

The Flowers and Presents tool allows you to order international delivery of romantic gifts from the AsiaCharm online shop. Here you can find everything, from plush toys to jewelry.

Request Contact Details allows you to exchange contacts with your virtual girlfriend most safely. It’s an irreplaceable tool for those couples who want to move their communication off the site.

And using the Set Up a Date tool, you can get the site team’s help in planning and organizing a romantic evening with your date in her country.

Enjoy Safe Online Dating

AsiaCharm is a premium dating site that not only provides services of high-quality, but also provides a safe environment.

Scammers are not welcome. As part of its anti-scam program, the site encourages members to verify their accounts for free. Each member can prove their identity and gain Validated status that will appear in their profile.

Using both the simple and extended searches, you can view the profiles of ladies who have already passed the verification procedure. Chatting with these women, you can be sure that they are not fakes.

A secure https:// protocol and reliable 128-bit SSL encryption guard your personal and financial information. The safety of your transactions is guaranteed by order-processing services, verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

So nobody can hack your account and steal your money or identity. That is, of course, if your password is secure. People with “123456” and “qwerty” passwords take a significant risk on any site on the web.

The site administration regularly publishes safety tips and asks members to report concerns about anyone who behaves suspiciously, offers sexual services or tries to lure money from you.

Those caught in these actions will be punished with a permanent ban. And each member who has been cheated on AsiaCharm can count on a full refund.

Being a member of this site is not a cheap thrill. But if you are a man ready to start something serious, if you know what kind of woman you are looking for, and if you are ready to leave your comfort zone and try something new, AsiaCharm is a place where you can meet your one and only.

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